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For women only: the do’s and don’ts for getting and maintaining a fabulous body...

For women only: the do’s and don’ts for getting and maintaining a fabulous body...
The Don’ts...
No Quick Fixes: There are no quick fixes; the body needs time to change. So even though you will hear about quick fixes, stay away from them as they don’t work. Getting and maintaining a fabulous body needs more than a quick fix; it needs a lifestyle change and time.
Calorie Counting: It does not work in the long run. Listen to your body and eat when you are hungry.
Slimming Pills: While slimming pills do temporarily rev up your metabolism which helps burn more calories, over time slimming pills do more damage than good as they mess up your internal and hormonal system. If you lose 10kg on a slimming pill/fad diet regime, chances are that you will not be able to sustain that way of eating and guess what? You will go back to your old ways and gain back the10kg you lost plus another 5.
Generally most diets don’t work because they don’t look at your metabolic type and they don’t look at the 9 systems (Autonomic, Endocrine, Oxidative, Electrolyte balance, Blood, Prostaglandin balance, Constitutional, Acid/alkaline, Catabolic anabolic balance) that govern the body.
Never Diet: Not only “you are what you eat” but also “you are when and how you eat”. Weight loss regimes like Weight Watchers, Slim Fast and the Atkins Diet (to name a few) don’t work for many women because, quite simply, we are all different.
These diets do not account for our Bio Chemical Individuality (that’s the eye, jaw and organ size which dictates what we should be eating and what type of exercising we should be doing based on our individually). After all if we are all different then it makes sense that what we eat and how we exercise needs to be personalised to us.
Yoga: It does and it doesn’t work. Many women do yoga because the hypermobility in their body makes it easy for them to do. Also, it’s a way for relaxing the mind and getting into the Chakra system. However, in my opinion, yoga is not a consistent with strength building and core strength and what happens over a period of time is that the body ceases to burn calories. I find that many women who practice yoga suffer with lower back pain simply because their cores are very weak and because they pull their kinesiology of the body all over the place. So yes, yoga does help with flexibility, balance and Chakra realignment but it does not build core strength, which is what is required to maintain a lean body. 

Long distance running: Many women will avoid the gym like the proverbial plague, yet they think that just running on the road is a good idea. It’s not! Long distance running without strength and conditioning training to complement your running will hurt you in the long run. Check out scans of women’s joints, especially the hip joints that result for road running and you will understand why road running is not a good idea. Not to mention the pain you will endure when you hit your 60s. If you must run on the road, invest in “a gait and movement analysis” to identify your weakness and what needs to be strengthened.
The Do’s...
Anaerobic Training: a short-lasting, high-intensity activity, where your body's demand for oxygen exceeds the oxygen supply available.
This type of training burns more calories, helps with the hormonal profile as well as helping the body gain more muscle mass.
And remember, ladies, you do not get big and bulky from doing sprints or weight lifting. Even men don’t find it easy to gain muscle mass, in fact after 24 years of training, I still find it very hard to gain muscle mass.
Swimming: Swimming works for weight loss however make sure you vary the routine and the strokes otherwise you won’t see any changes in your body.
Weight lifting: Women should not be afraid to lift weights. When women lift weights, their bone masses and lean muscle masses increase. And when lean muscle mass increases, it enables the body to burn fat calories. Without weight lifting, you will gradually get weaker and prone to weight gain over time.
As we grow older and especially after the age of 40, our bones become weaker and we lose a lot of muscle mass; but there is good news: weight lifting is proven to help to strengthen our bones.
Balance: When your system is rebalanced, the body lets go of toxins, weight and pain. So lift weights do some yoga and a little bit of running, but not too much. The more balance you have in your life, the more the body will let go and the leaner you will look in the long run.
Do you want to find out what works for your body? Come in for a no obligation consultation and see how you can get and maintain a fabulous body. 

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