Saturday, June 30, 2012

fat loss london 
fat loss is not working in london it not just about diet or about getting in to the gym there so much more to it carley counting dose not work in long run eating less dose not work to eat more dose not work we are when we eat and we are what we eat so if eat bad bad food you have bad body as not healey on or a clean on men and women are not the same when it come to execise and food a women body need more proteins food and weight training in the gym they can not miss any meails because there fat celss muitply when they miss food i or do not eat enought food because of menstrual cycles to lots of blood lose means protein loss to and bone mass too if they are not weight training in gym to stop bones loss and keeping muschel tone and weight whach dose not work because you got back to your old way of eating you see the celebrities do these fad diet and put all back on over time eat for our uinque metabolic type is the only way to to because it look at all the systems in the body not just one like your blod type it lookat all systems in the body we should all eat to this systems there no to
other  way when it come to fat loss londonC.H.E.K Practitioner level 4 london

Adrenal Fatigue in the year 2012 London 
In the year 2012 we are over worked, deprived of sleep, undernourished, dehydrated, stressed over lack of or too much exercise, hormone deficient and parasite and fungus infected. so what is the answer to adrenal fatigue? Work less, rest more, eat good food and get tested for Adrenal  Fatigue. By seeing a CHEK Practitioner you will not only get rid of a paracite and fungus wih pills but they look much more closely into you and your body and to why you have certain problems with sleep, diet etc. You will need to change the way you live, and exercise in a specific way to your body's needs. look at the way animals live..they do not go to bed late, drink lots of alcohol and eat lots of why do we? This is why Adrenal Fatigue is so common. I receive many calls regarding this and all we need to do is look deeply into who and what we are as human beings. need more help go to C.H.E.K Practitioner level4


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