Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fat Weight Loss LONDON tip 3 .

Scott Bryant   Fast Fat Loss Full Body weight loss tip 3 YOYO dieting  dose not work at all what is a YOYO is were you keep on a diet for 3 weeks a and then you come off and then go back on one this bad for the body and should not do this because can make store more fat and not get lean fat loss LONDON

Worst ABS Exercise Ever Dune in gym Ever london DO NOT DO THIS ABS Exercise ever it can make get back pain more and give you bad posture too many training not know how muscle work she come s to core even some course i did did not know how it work too so do not do see some one know what they are not some one did a 6 week course

Core Personal Trainer London tip 3.m4v is were movement begin and end if you have a weak core and posture this can give you pain low and upper back pain knee pain we need to see were the weakness is come from in the body so we need to  assessment to why and were london

Best ABS Stretch ever london

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