Tuesday, July 31, 2012

after my 6 years i now did it im a chek practitioner level 4 what dose it mean to you if booking as your personal trainer \ coach you get the best best value for you money what dose C.H.E.K mean corrected holistic exercise kinesiology so by look at the body in a holistic way we can look at the body on  a chakra level and at diet  how it can help the mind we are what we think then we look at kinesiology movement of the body and organ  health then we use corrective exercise to help with pain in body and out side the body this systems works i have work with many that doctors and physiotherapy bout not help as you will see in photo photos below were im on the level 4 course in sand diego with paul chek and other students hanna dalsgard phil loizides ameli watts christian ohere andrew johnston jator pierre 

here we all

and here paul at 50 

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