Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Causes of back pain london

Causes of back pain

For most people with back pain, there isn't any specific, underlying problem or condition that can be identified as the cause of the pain. However, there are a number of factors that can increase your risk of developing back pain, or aggravate it once you have it. These include:
  • standing, sitting or bending down for long periods
  • lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling loads that are too heavy, or going about these tasks in the wrong way
  • having a trip or a fall
  • being stressed or anxious
  • being overweight
  • having poor posture
There may be other, more serious underlying causes of your low back pain, but these are rare. They include:
  • fracture - a crack or break in one of the bones in your back
  • osteoporosis - a condition where bones lose density causing them to become weak, brittle and more likely to break
  • a slipped disc - this is when a disc bulges so far out that it puts pressure on your spinal nerves
  • spinal stenosis - a condition in which the spaces in your spine narrow
  • spondylolithesis - when one of your back bones slips forward and out of position
  • degenerative disc disease - when the discs in your spinal cord gradually become worn down
  • osteoarthritis - a wear-and-tear disease that can particularly affect the joints of your spine
  • rheumatoid arthritis - an inflammatory condition in which your immune system causes inflammation of the lining of your joints and surrounding structures
Low back pain may also be caused by an infection or cancer, but these two causes are very rare

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