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Detox Diet Metabolic Typing

Detox Diet Metabolic Typing

Detox Diet (also called a cleansing diet) will remove toxins and poisons from your body. The idea of a good detox diet is to eat pure and natural foods that will aid the function of the lymph, kidneys, and liver. All foods that hinder the regime will be avoided.Detox diets are controversial. Many feel that most of the so-called "medical science" presented in these books is nothing more than fiction. It is true that most of these diets have quite severe restrictions, and should be embarked upon with great care.

Metabolic Typing is the scientific methodology for customized nutrition and is based on the fact that there is no universally healthy diet that is right for all people. Anyone can use Metabolic Typing to find out exactly which foods are good for their health, and those that are not. Metabolic Typing also identifies nutritional supplements that will make you as healthy as you can be and will keep you from wasting your money on those that would make you tired and sick.
Through computer analysis, Metabolic Typing interprets and understands body language, which is the body's means of communicating its physical, mental, emotional and behavioral characteristics, as well as its efficiency and homeostatic balance, through which individual, genetically-based nutritional requirements may be understood and applied.
Metabolic Typing is based on the understanding that although there are tens of thousands of biochemical reactions that take place in your body every day, they all fall under the control of only a few Fundamental Homeostatic Controls. The Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing recognizes 9 such control mechanisms and uses them to evaluate and determine each person's Metabolic Type. It is the inherited various strengths and weaknesses in these control mechanisms that define our biochemical individuality and makes each of us unique. Importantly, every food and every nutrient has very specific effects on these Fundamental Controls. For this reason, not knowing one's Metabolic Type makes it impossible to know which foods or nutrients are best for each person.
Metabolic Typing explains why it is that a given diet/nutritional therapy works for one patient, has little or no effect on another, and can actually worsen a third. Metabolic Typing explains why two people with the same disease require biochemically opposite approaches to get well. Metabolic Typing explains why it is that for every book that says one thing about nutrition, you can find another book that says the opposite. Metabolic Typing reveals why there will never be one diet that is right for everyone and why a given diet will cause one to lose weight, while another to gain weight. Metabolic Typing explains how someone can eat organic foods, take the best supplements money can buy, exercise regularly, sleep well, and still not feel well.
These answers and many, many more may be found in The Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing, based on 25 years of research in the exciting field of customized nutrition through Metabolic Typing and the determination of individual metabolic requirements
How does the process work?
The process is started by completing a very detailed questionnaire, on completion of this test we are able to determine each individual's Metabolic Type that is the fundamental way in which your body produces and processes energy. Once this is verified, we can select the foods and nutritional supplements that are tailored to their specific metabolism.
• Increased Energy
• Normal Bodyweight
• Improved Digestion & Detoxification
• Better Mood & Reduces Depression/Anxiety
• A Stronger Immune System
• Enhanced Athletic Performance
No Calorie Counting!
No Food Scales!
Just Real, Whole Organic Foods!

What will I receive? 
* Diet check record tracking sheet
* How to combine different food groups and how to adjust the %’s
* Information on Food Quality and shopping guidelines
* Information on external blocking factors and program enhancers
* Establish dominant Endocrine gland
* Supplement requirements
* Support for a specified time
* Diet check record tracking sheet
* A list of colour coded foods detailing what you should eat and avoid

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