Friday, September 14, 2007

parents on children fitness

Tips for Parents on Children's Fitness
Make sure your child eats breakfast. Breakfast provides children with the energy they need to listen and learn in school.
Offer your child a wide variety of foods, such as , vegetables and fruits, full-fat dairy products, and lean meat or beans.
Talk with your health care provider if you are concerned about your child's eating habits or weight.
Cook with less fat-bake, roast, or poach foods instead of frying. no added sugar in your child's diet. Serve water or full fat milk more often than no sugar-sweetened sodas and fruit-flavored drinks.
Involve your child in planning and preparing meals. Children may be more willing to eat the dishes they help fix.
Be a role model for your children. If they see you being physically active and having fun, they are more likely to be active and stay active throughout their lives.
Encourage your child to be active everyday.
Involve the whole family in activities like hiking, biking, dancing, basketball, or roller skating walking

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